Rafting down

Rafting down Belaya (White) river (6, 7, 11, 12 days)

Base tour is calculated for 11,12 days.
6 days tour – first or second part of 12-days tour

Rafting down rivers of Ural – it’s rafting over the most beautiful places - banks, let germinated by pines, the steep rocks amazing with the power, a rainbow from water splashes… Have ever seen something more beautiful? And even You have never taken part in rafting – Bealaya river is very easy-to-start route. Also the route includes visit to some caves – Mindigulovskaya, Kapova – with draws of the primitive human-being.

Draft of the tour*

In case of 12-days route – one day can be used for day-rest or rafting in slower rate.

1 day

Arrival to Belortsk railway station. Transfer to the base Malinovka. Transfer to Belaya river. Rafting equipments preparation. Start of rafting. Instructor trains in catamaran driving (10 km)

2 day

Rafting up to mountain Mayak (18 km). Watching grottoes of the rock Columns. Preparation of the place for the rest near Mayak mountatin. Excursion to the mountain.

3 day

Rafting to Munasipovo village where tourists can buy natural honey and some Non-polluting foodstuff

4 day

Rafting to the rest-place “Glade of fairy tales” (14 км.).

5 day

Day of rest. Swimming fishing, mushrooms hunting…

6 day

Rafting to Ishdavletovo village. Watching rock “3 brothers”.

7 day

Rafting to the place Irekle not far from Mindagulovo. (10 км.).

8 day

Rafting to island Lipovy (22 км.). Fishing.Visit to Mindigulovo cave.

9 day

Rafting to Akbulatovo village (8 км.). Survey of the rock “Throne” and of a vertical grotto, rock "Wild boar-tash".

10 day

Day of rest Visit to the cave of «Fairy tale».

11 day

Rafting to the Kapova cave.

Additional on the wish – visit to Kapova cave** Museum of Nature, Wood apiary “A honey Bar” **

Returning to the base Malinovka. Faraway dinner, sish-kebab.

* The program can be changed because of weather terms and level of group readiness.

** Not including to the price

Residing: 2,3,4-person tents

Dining 3 times-a day .Natural non-polluting foodstuff – fish, meat, milk, Sour cream, cottage cheese and marching meal: porridges, soups, canned food. At the route the tourists cook themselves. In the - professional cook..

Equipments :

  • group tents, fire set;

  • individual – ; sleeping bag, rug

  • special – . rafting equipments

Terms of rafting tour

The standard: at the route tourists put and remove tents, cook food. The instructor helps to make all it correctly.

Price includes: meeting and seeing of in Beloretsk railway station, all transfers inside the route 3-times dining equipments and horse rent, service of the instructor, sauna.

“Service Comfort” instructor put and remove tents, make fire, prepare wood, catamaran assemblage – 200 RUB/person per day.

«Comfort+» – cooking, table layout and dishes washing – 250 RUB/person per day (startin from 5 persons)

Age of participants: children under 14 years old – with parents only!

Individual and special touts and routes can be worked out - under the preliminary arrangement

Price for 2012


11 days




11 дней - 9800 rub/pax.



8300 rub/pax


6 days (1/2 of base)




6900 rub/pax
6900 rub/pax

Individual and special touts and routes can be worked out -under the preliminary arrangement